Hat, no scarf
Blogger Birthdays


~ and it did feel good. I've not confirmed if my count was correct, since I heard others with a different tally, and one of my fave married-in cousins was off ringing bells, but suffice it to say many gathered, and many fared well.


I think we all especially enjoyed the energetic mingling of the newest generation. While whiffleball attracted the over-40 set along with the small fry, only the latter took to the sack race with a vengeance.

Grazing, if not full-fledged dining, was constant ~ I think this vegetarian ate three or four ham biscuits before the day was done (but this is Virginia, after all). The yellow-squash pickles were rather special, as was Aunt Anne's pumpkin pie cake. It was all I could do to get Wee C down for a little rest (but we had no trouble convincing the octogenarian brothers to do the same). At nightfall we migrated from the back deck to the bonfire out front, for s'mores and fireworks ~

As for the knitting, Klaralund is ready to be united, as soon as I block her four rectangles. I also got in a good chunk of Charlotte, and am ready to introduce her fifth color. I have visions of completing this in time for our awards gala next month, because it would be beautiful with my copper taffeta skirt, but I'm not going to knock myself out with the effort. I've gotta reserve knitting energy for a pair of significant Christmas gifts -- Kathryn's poncho and Mom's shawl -- and neither of those is even listed in the lengthy sidebar queue ~