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Klaralund, she is done!


Surely every knitblogger knows the specs on this one by now: pattern from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's second Noro collection, Silk Garden #34 on US8s, four big rectangles in about a month and a half, which is pretty quick for me ~ if not for our gal Rachael, and speaking of whom, here's my Rachael pose. (Sorry, Em & Iris; with my co-poser and her sitter/photographer, one extra's all I could manage!)

I love this sweater, which I probably would not have made were it not for this happy internet and the knitalong that made me seek out the pattern. It helped that I had the yarn stashed for Tilt; after watching dear Em's struggles, I decided it was too piquant for me. Now I've rounded up a few more balls of SG34 to knit a semi-matching (as close as this mom wants to get to such a notion) Boo for the Wee C.

SherireynoldsI'm not entirely sure about the seaming at the bodice, where the sleeves yoke onto the body pieces, but I'm sufficiently satisfied to be wearing her out & about today. I was up & at 'em this morning to hear my dear friend Sheri's presentation at a conference. As a novelist and teacher, she spoke of how literature helps us figure out what it means to be human. And she read from her new play, Orabelle's Wheelbarrow, which rocks. I hope it gets produced some day, although Sheri noted she'd written it more for the process than for the product. If you haven't read any of her three novels, get to it before her fourth comes out next year!
(Sheri began her talk with this poem by Mary Oliver ~)

Anyway, the friends who joined me there (including Sheri) complimented the sweater, and one stranger was so taken with it that she wanted to know if it would be hard for her to learn to knit. I assured her it would not, and suggested she grab a copy of Stoller's Stitch 'n Bitch [sic]. Then, after I'd collected the Wee and we were loading in our Target purchases, a woman stopped en route to her car and asked Is that Noro? I assured her it was, and told her I'd bought the book at Unraveled, the new LYS she commended in a comment. I may have to wear the sweater over there tomorrow, to show Karyn. And to the parent-teacher night Wednesday, in case I get to swing by the Meet-Up on the way home ~