They like it

Hat, no scarf

BabyhatI took the advice of my commenters and ripped that chevron scarf right out, I did. But I wasn't up for booties or mitts from such a fat yarn, so I mailed off the baby cap with no matching accessory. This was a thought that counts sort of gift. I'm not thrilled with its pointy top, but my real regret is that I forgot to sew one of my maggistitches labels into it! Click here for a top view. (That's an Acoma Pueblo piece modeling, one of my cherished possessions, a grad school graduation gift ~)

We're off to a family reunion in the mountains this weekend, so I'll hope to have some fall foliage images to share. My dad's side, just the three generations, of which I belong to the middle one. So there are only about (6+16+8), OK, exactly, 30 of us who I believe will be attending, everyone but my mom, who's not up for the journey, alas. Coming the farthest (I hope): the cousin from San Diego. Travel-free: the cousin who's hosting the picnic at his house. Eldest: Aunt Virginia, my father's brother's wife. Youngest: Wee C, who met the clan a coupla months after her arrival, two years ago at Dad's 80th birthday. I've wrangled us transport both there and back, so . . . car knitting!