A Mother's Shawl
Stacey Made Me

Island Quickie

Baby sweaters make for short stays on Sleeve Island.


I've now finished these Cutie Patootie sleeves for baby Hazel Rose, who was born last Sunday. This time around, I am not going to knit the whole body piece as one, but will make separate fronts and back. No real reason, maybe just because I did it differently the first time I made this sweater. Or maybe because I have variegated yarn this time, while the first one was solid lavender.

I updated the WIP list, and it's a pretty scary sight (just in time for Halloween!). Definitely had some startitis around here lately, but I'm not letting myself begin Clapotis until the gifts are wrapped up (ha). They're nicely different from one another at least, in both gauge and stitch, so I've got a pleasant rotation going.

Here's a confession: at the family reunion bonfire, my poncho caught a spark and lost a stitch. I wasn't willing to assess the damage fully at first, but got to the repair yesterday and no one will notice the one longer stitch, nor the tiny knot on the wrong side where a bit of ribbon melted away. While I was at it, I took some specs and wrote up the pattern modifications I made, now available over there in Stitches to Go, or right here.