Stacey Made Me
Happy November

Cotton Kitten


I moved the basket o'Cotton-Ease from the living room to the study when Hondo & Frances started having too much fun and putting the fiber at risk. I baby-gate the study when not in use, to keep all small creatures away from the computer and its wires. I know the cats can jump the gate, but they're not that active when I'm away. But when I'm at the keyboard, if she's not in my lap or on the arm of my chair, Frances now likes to relax there atop the scanner. Hondo prefers the overturned trash basket . . .

Work deadlines are killing me right now, as I've had to bring stuff home to work on in my usual knitting hours. I managed four CP rows while Wee C had her bath, and a couple on the scarf while a fella affixed my new keyboard tray, but that's it for the week, so far. Copy is due to two different designers tomorrow (one for print, one for video), so I hope to regain my sanity-stitching over TV Wednesday night ~