A Mother's Shawl



Have I mentioned that I'm gonna make Clapotis? Again, I'm hopeless in the face of what I find in blogland. Once I saw several of these, I had to have my own. But, reluctant to spring for the Lion and Lamb, I cast about for other options, and came up with one I'm thrilled to share. The yarn you see above is 675 yards of hand-dyed alpaca from Mystical Creation Yarns in New Mexico. I found them as an eBay vendor, then visited their site to discover I could order a variety of yarns and colors. Smaller producer, better prices. Danielle even has a silk/merino blend; I'm pondering another order, but will probably try the pattern out on this yummy alpaca first. Or course, I have a couple of gift items with a December deadline to knit, too. I've started one ~ I will have details and a photo next time.