Island Quickie

A Mother's Shawl

Remember this purchase from the VFFF? (I know Rhinebeck reports have overshadowed my smaller festival experience, but good things come in small packages, to quote an aphorism I favor.) I knew I wanted to make my mom a Christmas shawl, but I didn't have a pattern in mind. With Charlotte in the works, I was looking for something simpler, partly because of the loose ply of this luscious stuff, which means it's thicker in some places than in others. So the popular and pretty Flower Basket Shawl probably wouldn't be the best choice, for example, and I didn't even want to try the new Cozy from Knitty. So I surfed the good old Knit List Gift Exchange pattern listing, printed out a few, and decided to create a variation of this one, the Turkish Stitch Shawl by Suzan A Smith (Does that lack of a period mean she's Canadian?).

The stitch she describes is YO, S1, K1, PSSO, and her pattern just adds increases at each end on odd-numbered rows once the foundation is laid. My variant is to purl, rather than knit, the even-numbered (WS) rows, and to do a pair of intervening K & P rows between the pattern rows (also increasing, with a YO, on the RS row). And here's what I've got so far:


The yarn's ever so soft, and the pattern just what I was looking for. I'll just knit until the yarn runs out, or until it feels big enough for her. I'd like to add some sort of edging, crochet or fringe or both, as long as the yarn holds out. Or course, I know how to contact the vendor up the road if I need a little more~