Atsisveikinimas, Milosz

Weekend Update

blog0003Yes, I'm knitting. I even started something new yesterday, a lace-edged baby hat I'm knitting with leftover Cecil from Nicolee's not-poncho. The yarn is umpteen times thicker than what the pattern from the summer Interweave Knits calls for, but I think I can make it work anyway. I have three newborns to knit for right now, and they're all boys! Since this lace is hardly delicate due to the yarn and the neutral cream color, I'm deeming it OK for a little fella.

blog0002Am I knitting Charlotte's Web? No. I have a wedding to attend next weekend, and I want to wear Rainbow Penny to the Friday-night cocktails, so I'm trying to give her most of my knitting time. I'm in a major deadline work period, too, so some of my naptime knitting has given way to work work, alas. But I'm on the home stretch with Penny, the contrast bottom edge. I put the whole thing on my new long Denise cable to try it on yesterday; I can't believe I forgot to take a picture (even if it would've been a headless one). This sweater looks so much better on a body than lying on a chair. I sure love being able to knit to fit. I always liked that about sewing, too. Saturday's fitting let me see that I would start the bottom section sooner than Stefanie specifies, because of my shorter torso and the slight looseness of the fabric. Final fitting may reveal some surprises, but at least I tried to take control!

Also, just because I had the camera out, here's the Deco-Ribbon bag-in-progress. Whole lotta seed stitch, so of course I had to break it up with some stripes~