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National Night Out (& In)

aug04sb0005aug04sb0007OK, what a night we had Tuesday, with knitters, neighbors, another friend who stopped by before things got underway, and the Wee One! We started out on the porch, and hung until the spaces filled up ~ and the neighborhood association reps came to photograph us for the newsletter. Then the humidity and skeeters sent us in, as I explained to the police officer who came bearing gifts. When a ladder truck started flashing its lights outside, Wee C & I investigated and found that this year the City had sent firefighters as well!

I was tickled that four newcomers joined us, two brought as guests and two I'd recruited on line. Angela's sitting with MaryB, above; here are Jennifer, knitting a great sweater in Classic Elite Flash, on the left, and Kristen, working on a prayer shawl, on the right.

aug04sb0001aug04sb0002Molly grabbed the porch swing again, and showed off a recently-completed tank (just like the one she wore a year earlier!) Her friend Patty, a new knitter, was also beginning a Rowan top.

Who missed the camera? Heather, who's finished all three baby blankets and is now knitting matching bears with the extra yarn. Those are some lucky triplets! Sarah, in her birthday week, working on the boyfriend blanket (despite the plethora of bad gifts he gave her ~ before the pearl earrings). I did capture Frances, showing off her lovely new cotton purse (Sirdar pattern) before beginning a second like it, but I'll make you click for her!

aliceAnd, last but not least (although she stayed the least amount of time), birthday girl Alice, posing with her recent FOs and swatches and the magazines that inspired them. I wish you could see the little cap on her head more clearly, and I think the mag is obscuring a swatch. She stayed long enough to have some of the cake Mary made for the occasion, and to admire all the other folks' WIPs, then was off to a cookout in her honor.

aug04sb0006Speaking of dear MaryB, do click on the thumbnail at the top and admire her vest creation ~ love those batik fabrics! She also brought her completed BPT, which she was working on last month. (In the interim, I'd revisited the pattern and noted the designer got the name from the Blue/Purple/Turquoise yarn, so Mary's calling hers GGG for the green Araucania Nature Wool.) This close-up of the hood shows the sweater's yummy cables. Yup, I've added this one to the queue in my mind! One other thing I forgot to photograph: Mary & I made a Koigu swap so she can start her own Charlotte's Web. She had five skeins of KPPPM, but one wasn't working for her. I'm glad I had an unassigned skein that I was happy to trade~

Another Ribby

amy1Look, another knitter has used my pattern to make a tank for her little girl! Actually, Beth has made two tiny ribby tanks, one for her daughter here and one for a friend. While it's a fine coincidence that all three girls were born in China, this tank fits babes of all origins.

This post was supposed to be the one titled National Night Out (& In), but I'm holding that one because the pix are in the pipeline. My office has recently moved, and the technologies are still catching up. I can email out, but incoming email is still a trickle, so the images I sent from home haven't gotten here for me to upload. I prefer to do it here just because the computer and the access are so much fast than my dial-up at home. And I only blog during my lunch hour, of course! But I will probably make the S&B recap tonight once Wee C's asleep. It was a good one!

Not This Shawl

shawlBack when I was waiting for my Charlotte colorway to appear on Rob's site, I happened into one of my LYSs and was taken by a shop model of another shawl, the Ribbon Triangles knit in Knit One Crochet Too Tartelette. I think this was even before I had started the blue Fiona and gotten into a rash of projects in various shades of that primary color. So I bought four blue skeins of Tartelette and the pattern. Recently I found the yarn sitting on a chair in my dining room and decided to wind 'em up. Since the shawl would be knit on US15s, I thought I might just interject a quickie while the Web was in the works.

I'm still interested in giving this pattern a go, because of its fun self-fringe, but after knitting several rows I found myself wanting a poncho instead. The Charlotte will be the shawl de resistance, so I won't need another, especially one that is also bluesy. So I frogged and started a patternless poncho, making notes as I go, from the neck down on a US13 circ. I am increasing with yarnovers at four points (a la Bad Penny), and added some other random YO holes just for fun. I think I'm gonna need more yarn. Stay tuned!

Girls Rock*

bench4blogWe had such a good weekend with my friends that I just have to post this pic of one happy knitter surrounded by some special girls. Guess which two are sisters. The one on the right is my goddaughter Kathryn, recipient of the felted Christmas purse that she initially thought might be a hat. I took some leftover Cotton-Ease and a pair of aluminum US8s to the mountains and gave her a refresher, as she's been taught to knit before. I left the equipe with her, along with my promise to knit a purple poncho for this Christmas~

I'll get off this destashing horse soon, I swear. But I've now added some wools to the mix, so check out the Stitches to Go gallery yet again. And if you can come to the National Night Out S&B tomorrow ~ on the front porch ~ I just might give away some yarn!

*Which is not to say the boys weren't swell, as well. (Thinking up titles is sometimes tough!) Big brother with the broken arm babysat all these girls Friday night so the adults could go to dinner ~ and the male adult has been my friend for more than two decades . . .