Blue Fluff

Number Five

no50001If we don't count Fuzzy Feet ( and I don't, although I've made five of those, too), this is my fifth handknit sock, completed on Brotherman's birthday. Now if I can only make the mate by Christmas, he can actually wear the things. Not that this one hasn't met his feet already, since I forced him to several fittings rather than writing down any measurements, silly me. The yarn's a three-way blend of cotton, wool and nylon, and plied that way as well, so I found DPNs the way to go, even though I want to try sox on two circs, really I do. Maybe it would work with the Addis I have now, but when I tried it with the Inox, the yarn caught on the joins. I'm using US2s, and 76 stitches. The 3x1 rib made it a little more interesting, but I'm not exactly itchin' to cast on Number Six . . . Maybe the mate should be Number Eight, with a different pair knit in between ~