National Night Out (& In)

Look, Ma, Blue Hands!

Greta's already told this tale, but the picture's worth her words, isn't it?


Can you believe she took that photo with her phone? Fab new art supplies kept the kid entertained for a spell while we caught up. None was labeled finger paint, but if you rub a cake of watercolor between your palms, well . . . The resultant picture's still hanging on my parents' refrigerator, but it's one I'd like to keep!

Even without a driver, I managed to get some weekend knitting in (but not while the car was moving). Four rows of Charlotte, several rounds of Rainbow Penny. Impatient gal, I picked up the neckline stitches and started the contrast collar of the latter while the torso's still knitting down ~ I just had to see how it would look, and be sure it would draw up that wide expanse. Yup. Now I have circs working on both ends of the project, so I'll try to wrap up the neck tonight.