Atsisveikinimas, Milosz
From the Mouths of Babes


Here was the view as I sat Friday night working on the end of Rainbow Penny:


As I finished the eyelet rounds, I was disappointed to confirm that they just weren't going to stand out (or, really, be very visible) in this particular yarn. And, as the skein-end was approaching (not to mention the evening event), I decided to cast off without knitting an additional half-inch; again, I was also just thinking about the right fit for my particular body. This is where I was with the project at 8 p.m. that night:


See the few feet of yarn remaining after the bind-off? Then I got to try it on again, even though the sleeves still needed their ribbing. By this point I'd conceded that I wouldn't be wearing it to the patio gathering, but I was dying to see how it looked. Bet you are too. Final modeling forthcoming, and here's the confession: I may go ahead and add that half-inch after I finish the second sleeve-edge tonight. When I had the Asheville fitting, the bottom edge just grazed my waistline. As I'd already accommodated for my short waist by stopping the main body section sooner, I didn't need to do that with the bottom bit as well. So I'll have a coupla more ends to weave in. It's the process, baby, and my knitting moments spent gazing out the hotel glass were A-OK ~