Who'da Thunk?

Freedom, finally

Here she is, folks: the reincarnated sweater knit from yarn older than many of your children or pets, thanks to the guidance of the Divine Ms. B. Here's to ya, Bonne! The recycled yarn is a fine (as in wonderful, not thin) silk-wool tweed some suggest may have come from Tahki; I knit it on US 8s to the pattern from Knitter's #56 entitled Formally fluted. I derive my post's similarly alliterative title from the fact that I cast on in January 2003, knit the back and half the fronts, then let myself be sidetracked by the dozens of other projects you can see in my FO gallery. I attached her buttons today, and will now proudly and patiently await the first coolly temperate day of fall. Hers are my first set-in sleeves ever, and my first non-yarnover buttonholes. I gained experience in blocking and picking up stitches, too. I'm free of this once-perpetual WIP. She was worth the wait.

front(The yarn competes with the pattern and the camera, but here's a pop-up that may offer a better view. As much as I complained about its big stretches of st st, that was the best choice for this yarn [Thanks, Frances].)

Despite intermittent thunderstorms, we enjoyed the holiday weekend, especially the 32nd annual block party around the corner. Wee C practiced flying on Saturday night, and on Sunday was more interested in the inflated pool than the parade. I hated missing the fireworks both nights after the baseball games, but I could hear them booming a good while after putting the party girl to bed. Maybe next year~