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beforeI found the pattern for the sweater I made ages ago, ripped a year and a half ago, and have almost made into something new. It was published in 1986 in a Susan Bates Learn to Knit booklet. The most interesting thing about the publication is that it offers instructions for right-handers and left-handers. I'm glad now that I'd already been taught, since most patterns today direct right-handed knitters. And I'm glad we have such a bevy of knitted fashions from which to choose; I certainly don't anticipate making a thing from this booklet, but I'll save it as a relic of my knitting past.

flutscanIn my previous post about the new cardigan I'm making (from Knitter's #56), I suggested that the gauge must've been way off, because the sweater fit so poorly. Now I see the pattern called for 15st/4" on US10s, and I'm now knitting the yarn to 16st/4", but on US8s. If indeed I used 10s, it's no wonder the thing fell off my shoulders. Clearly the design was also part of the problem, even if I knit more loosely then as well. Although the new sweater's design doesn't stand out as much in the tweedy yarn, I'm looking forward to adding this re-engineered item to my wardrobe, and I believe its more basic style will make it a keeper.

*Hurt Books, Healthy Prices*
Much Ado Ann's just pointed me to the Interweave Press site and their Hurt Book & Magazine Sale. Even with a $7 shipping fee, I just ordered The Crocheter's Companion ($9.98 -- thinking of the Charlotte's Web edgings in my future), Knitting on the Road ($9.48 -- my sock yarn stash has grown, and I'm only on my fifth sock), and the Fall 1997 & Summer 2003 issues ($3) of Interweave Knits , my subscription having begun thereafter. If they'd offered the forthcoming Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, I might've taken the plunge (you're not the only impatient one, Greta dear), but it's not yet available. I managed to resist the Deb Menz color book, partly because I know the Threadbears have it, and partly because I arrogantly (and incorrectly) think I know that stuff already~