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Proper Topper

buboc0002Even as temperatures approach 90 hereabouts, I'm nevertheless ready with the perfect hat to match my spring coat (an L.L. Bean item I've worn for several years now). Actually, it's only supposed to be in the 60s tomorrow, but I'll be in NC where, for some meteorological reason, the highs are still slated for 80s. At any rate, here's my spring Bottoms-Up Bucket O'Chic; click on that photo for a smilin' view.

I knit on the Mother's Day scarf last night en route to Ashland Coffee & Tea (I wasn't driving) to hear singer-songwriter Lucy Kaplansky. The place is a coffeeshop, restaurant and listening-room-type musical venue, and the owners do a great job of booking performers in the folk/Americana range, as well as local favorites. It sits right next to the train tracks, and Lucy was tickled when Amtrak chugged by as she opened with a song that has a train in it.

I can refer to this singer by her first name without reservation after last night. As she was introducing the title song from her new album The Red Thread, I began nodding while she asked the audience if we were familiar with the Chinese belief that every child is connected from birth to all of the people who will be important in its life by an invisible red thread that may tangle and stretch but will never break. The song, and a few others, address the presence of the daughter she and her husband adopted in November. It's a small room, and she noticed me and said oh you know what it is and I replied back to her I have a daughter from China! She asked how old the Wee One is, then said she wanted to talk to me at the break. When that time came, I showed her Caroline's picture and we had a little China-mom-chat, and I bought her CD. In addition to being a great singer (with a doctorate in psychology!), she's a really nice person. I was floored when she dedicated a song ("This Is Home") to me in the second set, a beautiful number that brought on the tears. She signed our CD after the show, and asked me to hug Caroline for her ~


Lucy was interviewed by Melissa Block on "All Things Considered" on National Public Radio on Friday, April 16th. You can hear her talk about and sing "The Red Thread" there.