All I Ever Wanted
Spring Poem

Bumper Action

7612296_F_store.jpgI forgot to mention a little highlight of Friday's long drive home. We're cruising up I-95 when a BMW sedan pulls up beside us and the woman in the passenger seat holds up her needles, beaming. It took me a second to gather that she'd read my knitty sticker!
(Get yours at knitty's secret store.) I wish I'd had my own to flash back at her, but safely made do with a honk of the horn and a thumbs-up.

Unfinished baby blanket was well received yesterday, the first gift open and the only one handcrafted. An absent creation of the grandmother got a nod, and I was flattered that said gran told me she'd like a knitting consult. I only turned on the hosts' TV once to check the basketball and confirm that my Devils advance to the Sweet Sixteen!

A Monday-morning note to Em: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What with travel and weekend, I'll be sending a little something your way tomorrow . . .