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Brainy Prizes

A package from Alison arrived today! I don’t know whether I’m more tickled over the card or the book. (And part of the card's appeal is it's tiny size which I cannot replicate due to scanner ineptitude~)
She wrote, "This card reminded me of you & Caroline." Isn’t that sweet? The book is called Falling in Love with Knitting. That and the ISBN (957-0424-46-X) is about all this reader can discern, but the pictures are nice and the patterns intriguing. I do hope that the wee one and I will study Chinese when she’s a bit older, so I can aspire to learning to knit in Chinese as well!


Before I traveled to China, I bought a book called Chinese in 10 Minutes a Day (ISBN 0-944502-10-5). I gave up after 20 minutes – having only grasped basic Pinyin pronunciation. But I used the menu guide and laminated "Pocket Pal" during the journey, and the more we read books like In the Snow and At the Beach, which explain the origins of characters, the more intrigued I am by the notion of eventual study. Intrigued yet daunted . . .

Thank you for thinking of us, BrainyLady!

Karma update: Remember the Filatura Pom Pom yarn that gave me fits at the holidays? I donated the second scarf knit with it to the Mardi Gras silent auction at my church, an event I chose not to attend since it took place the day after I returned from my Big Apple adventure. Some Sunday thereafter, the woman who bought it came up to tell me how much she liked it, and how her husband had suggested that she choose it for the colors. Happy ending. This week I shipped off the first one (knit in a drop-stitch pattern to results that displeased me so much I couldn’t gift it for Christmas) to my high school for a similar fundraiser. I think it will score, as the yarn’s essentially the school colors . . .

Other knit news: I’ll finish the poncho-turned-wrap after I post this entry. I completed one "button band" last night and have knit a few rows of the other, which will actually have the single buttonhole Nicolee wants. I can block it overnight and pass it along to her tomorrow if all goes well. We’ll hold out for the photo op of her modeling it, since she’s questing for the perfect button and thinking of scattering a few sequins of embellishment.