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A week late Yes, I

A week late

Yes, I hosted the monthly S&B on November's first Tuesday, and I think our attendance totaled 10. Me, I was mostly occupied with attaching tassels to the bookmarks that we placed at each seat at Friday's awards gala. (Thanks for your help, Pam.) Let me offer a quick highlight recap of what others were working on (or showing off):

Heather brought these three scarves to hand off to Kim for the ART 180 scarf auction coming up on Saturday 11/15, and shared as well a glimpse of the yummy Rockstar she made for herself, along with another gift scarf in the works. She used my ball winder to ready some more Koigu for another Rocker, too.

Alice and Leslie were also knitting scarves:

while Michelle worked on a sweater knit in two strands and Molly made progress on a couple of bags to be felted.

We were glad to witness the return of Tamra, an innovator who'd turned Ann Norling's fruit cap pattern upside down. Add a sprinkle of French knots and, voila, watermelon!