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OK, just rounding out

OK, just rounding out 2002 in this lengthy, multiple entry, again with the intention that I'll figure out how to put the pix in a gallery eventually. This is a small lap quilt I made for my dear friend Elizabeth for Christmas. When I visited her in September 2001 and was working on the 100 Good Wishes quilt pictured below, I had to run to Wal-Mart (it was the only option in her tiny college town) for some more muslin, and bought us each a tidy stack of "fat quarters," with the suggestion that we each make something for the other from the fabrics. She presented me with a beautiful crazy-quilt pillow for my 2002 birthday; it took me to the end of the year to return the gesture. I called this one Lizzi's Blues (& Matt's), because she got engaged while I was making it. The title alludes to a short film she & I made in 2000, Fishin' Blues (& Pinks). Their four initials are stitched on the corner squares. I ordered this pattern from Keepsake Quilting.