Not enough leaves
Book brief: The Burgess Boys

See-ya supper

I forgot the bread. I forgot the insalata caprese. But I bought the oysters. And the neighbors came.

My farmers market had its monthly visit from Ruby Salts Oyster Company that Saturday, and those babies were indeed "fresh, plump, salty, juicy and good." We ate some raw and some off the grill. I don't know how this toddler could have spit out the sample he gamely tried! 

Adults kept cool with beer, while the kids were a blur of water balloons. 

Then, from the grill, hot dogs for the kids, salmon for the parents. I forgot the watermelon, too! 

And now our beloved neighbors have left the block; luckily, they've gone not much more than a mile. The kids will still be Little B's schoolmates, but no longer her virtual siblings at the house next door, where she hung when I drove Wee C's middle-school carpool these last two years, and so much more often. When C and I came here eight years ago, they were a family of three instead of the five that need larger quarters. Look how these two have grown:

Dana was probably my first close friend who is significantly younger than I am; it's my turn to be on the other side of that equation, and I always felt honored when she came to me for advice. They're the most fit family I know, and I appreciated the afternoons she served as my personal trainer. Our cats are their honorary pets. Her man Jeremy kept the bushes pruned, and was my emergency-medical consult when I thought I'd sliced my finger half off (not a doc, but an adventure racer!). We will still bike and bowl and blueberry pick with you! Come back for a snowball fight next winter, and pick us up on your Slurpee run!