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Not enough leaves

IMG_1218Almost three years ago I jumped on board a mystery-shawl knitalong posted on Ravelry by Finnish designer Lankakomero.  I used the pefect skein of Dream in Color Smooshy and dug into the many pages of charts. Tending to be a multi-project knitter, however, I lost steam, and one of those times I put down the chart, I must've failed to mark off a completed section. And, silly (lazy, overconfident) me, I never wove in a lifeline. So when I suddenly found myself running out of what should have been ample yarn well before bind-off time, I knew I was in trouble. 

I thought about trying to weave in a lifeline below the point where I'd obviously veered off course, but with the double yarn-overs, I just couldn't figure out how to be sure I'd captured every stitch. Finally I threw up my hands and bound off, satisfied that I could enjoy the piece as a lacy neck wrap without showing off the outside edge of uncountable, incomplete leaves. I didn't even take a confessional photograph for the project page, so what you see at left is what you get. Maybe I'm not such a charty gal, much as I love the look of lace – I tend to knit to relax at a time of day when I am tired, and either watching TV or stitching  and talking with friends. Glad I managed my Charlotte's Web Shawl when I only had one child, and there was also no social media to distract me!