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20 July 2006



A purple Cece! How lovely! Can't wait to see more, Maggi :)

I can't blame you for breaking the SoS. I know that I have been tempted many times already. Only a few more weeks!

Best wishes!

Liz K.

Oh, now I get it! Your "confession" on the SoSKAL is there because Jane outed you! Well, it's still OK with me. Linen is hard to resist. Can't wait to see the F.O.


Lovley shade of purple! Neat bottle collection too!


I can't tell you how many times I 'fudged' on CeCe. She hides her flaws so well. Love the color.


I've got myself a purple CeCe as well. I think it's a great pattern too, and even better now that Bonne Marie has provided instructions for 3/4 length sleeves!


You and Jane both broke your Summer of Stash pledges that day. I think Jane has all but given up! ;-)


Cool glasses - what a unique thing to collect - and CeCe is looking great btw. Don't feel too bad about breaking the SOS - I think that Ann and Kay have been responsible for a lot of people expanding their stash lately.


I'm SO glad you got the Goldilocks...can't wait to see
the curtain in situ...


So far you, my friend Myrna and I have all bought yarn. C'est la vie. Frances

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