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Cece My progress hasn't been as swift as I'd hoped, but it's time for a post ~ So here's the latest WIP, CeCe, which I am knitting in lavender Rowan Calmer in honor of Project Spectrum. So far, so good ~ that Bonne Marie can sure write a good pattern. Actually ~ and this has nothing to do with La Bonne ~ I had a little glitch last night and couldn't figure why the count was off, so I fudged a tiny bit . . .

I have a bigger confession to make: Two weeks ago, when it was Fashion First in our local Carytown shopping district, I broke my Summer of Stash pledge and went ahead and bought the Euroflax for the MDK curtain. I should've made this one of my exceptions, because I've wanted it since I got the book well before Memorial Day, and certainly had neither it nor something comparable in the stash. Since Jane already outed my presence at The Yarn Lounge that Thursday, I thought I'd better admit to my purchase. The last time I'd been in, Stewart only had the linen in a coupla neutrals, and I wanted yellow or orange for our powder room. Surprise, I saw some Goldilocks skeins on the shelf, and so I grabbed 'em then & there! I still have several other windows to trim before the bathroom gets made over, but now I won't have to special-order the yarn ~

And near one of those uncovered windows, a glimpse at some of the purples in my home. I believe you can read on my About page that I collect amethyst glass (perhaps because the colored quartz is my birthstone). My new bookcases have underlit plexiglas on their tops, where some of my pieces are displayed ~