That Numbers Meme

Warm Hands


Look, Sandy, I finished the mittens after never showing you the almost done one that was ripped from the US6 DPNs after I admitted it was too tight. These, on 7s, fit just right, with the second one an even better fit than the first. My edit to the Ann Budd pattern adds a coupla rows before beginning the thumb gusset. Yarn, as I've mentioned, is mohair in a chained construction from MdS&W vendor, Dovetail Farms, of which enough remains that I've already cast on for Wee C's. This sunlit shot washes out the color somewhat; the blue is more royal than turquoise.

Sleepy Relatives


Brotherman is faking, but the Wee fell out sitting right there next to her uncle after our Friday feast. [Gnosmother Lizzi, if you're reading, look, she's wearing your jumper!]

Future Socks


Yes, I've joined another knitalong, because who can resist the call of Cara's praises for Socks That Rock yarn and Grumperina's Jaywalker pattern? Not me, so I wound up another Maryland purchase (from The Fold), a skein in the Sapphire colorway. Remains to be seen if I can follow Cara's notes and get a pair from one hank; I thought I'd need two, and purchased accordingly, so I may have a gift to share with our fellow Jayrockers ~ This stuff does feel great, and i can't wait to get my needles into it, but first I either must finish the pair on my circs, or see if I have US1 DPNs.