Alpaca End
One's Enough


[Wo]man, does it take a lot of work to put your house on the market! I've moved before, certainly, but I've never done this. Thanks to the necessity of acting quickly, I haven't slept six hours running since maybe last Thursday. Whew. But now the POD's two-thirds stuffed, the basement's empty, and every room but my bedroom and study is uncluttered to the point of being entirely devoid of personality. Which is, from what I understand, exactly how it should be, so the buyers can come in and imagine their stuff in my spaces. The Wee C's been a trouper, letting her things hide away for awhile, although I've not been suprised to find her crawling into my bed in the night, her psyche no doubt subconsciously rocked by all this action. And of course I'd never have made it this far without Brotherman's help ~ the fella was a power-washin' fool last weekend! Now the house is in the MLS, the sign is in the yard, and the open house is set for Sunday afternoon. So we're off to hang with Mom, kitties in tow, and crossing fingers to return to dueling offers.

So, not too much knitting this week. A shawl row or two while C splashed in the tub at best, a sock round before bed if I had the stamina. But I finished the first Sockapal2za sock last Friday, before the madness began in earnest:

Click here to see it modeled.

Now I've even made it past the ribbing and through the first pattern repeat on Number Two ~