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16 July 2005



I'll keep my fingers crossed for your open house too... the sooner it sells, the sooner you can relax a bit in it again before you move.


eesh - lots o' stress with selling a house! Lovely sock, even lovlier model ;)


What is it with boys and their pressure washers?? :) Good luck!!


Good luck - my fingers are crossed it sells quickly for you. Putting a house on the market and all the tidying that comes with it is a HUGE pain.

MaryB in Richmond

We were talking the other night about how when we sold our other house our realtor (a dear family friend) would "sweep" through the house any day she was going to show it, cleaning it up further than we had. I remember finding the flour cannister inside the oven, and the spices in my CAR, as she endeavored to remove any kind of "decorating" item at all.

And David was 20 months old, making it all the trickier!

Hopefully by now -- Sunday evening -- you've got good news about competing offers, and you don't have to go through this again!!!

Can't wait to hear!


Great looking sock! Best of luck with the house-selling. Good for C being such a trooper!


Gorgeous sock! Good luck with the house...


I love this sock -- the colour! Yum! Good luck with all the house stuff.


I'm tired just thinking about it... But what fun the unpacking will be!! Lots of luck and love sent your way.

knitting maven

We also are in the process of selling our house. The thought of cleaning out 32 years of accumulations is frightening. I wonder what started knitting projects I will find in in my attic!
Good lluck, to both of us!

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