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10 May 2005



Looks like you got some pretty nice Koigu to me! And other fab stuff. I was tempted by that Tess ribbon...there is always another festival...another time. It was lovely to meet you and Greta.


oh, didn't we have FUN?
You are the BEST.


Very nice MSW-induced stash enhancing! Yum!

sarah b.

I was sad that I didn't get to meet you guys! I'm glad you had such a great time and scored such wonderful purchases. The Microfiber ribbon was yummy!


Oh, honey, it was SO good seeing you and squeezing you... It was so worth it all. I hope you had a grand mother's day!
All love.


Seeing your haul makes me feel better about mine! Looks like you got some good stuff. I didn't even _see_ the Koigu booth, but we didn't make it to the main hall until close to noon, so I think they must have been closed down by that point by people like you! Good luck with the spinning, we'll have to share newbie spinning stories.


Maggi--thanks for the fabulous You Were There tour!

I feel absolutely FLUSH WITH CASH and ever so uncharacteristically prudent, after seeing that haul of yours!!!!!!! But you are wise not to rue it because where are you going to find such gems retail?

xoxoxo Kay


So great to meet you! Loads of fun, huh?


It was great to see you!


sounds like you had a wonderful time. Excellent yarn haul!


so nice to meet you :-)

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