Hoppy Easter
Back atcha, Rach

Sneak Preview

Flaggage We gave the pennant/flag thingies a test run today, mounting just one of the 11 that will surround the Center for tomorrow's opening ceremony. As weather forecasts have already forced us to replan the event as an indoor one, we won't have the four marching around the side to the garden since guests will no longer arrive that way. Thus I was saved hemming the last of the green strips; I only ran home to do one at lunch, having searched for the pieces last night when the brown ones were done and realized I'd left the fabric at work. I'll offer a wider shot of tomorrow's view with all of them flying ~ rain or shine. I'm proud that six of us collaborated to make this vision a reality in a timely and economic fashion. And I'm grateful that this interweb helped me to find flag fabric matched to our identity colors (down to listing the PMS matches on their site). Aren't my flaggettes going to look fine in front of the mighty banner?

Whew, what a month! And I still managed to post a dozen times. I've never been so exhausted, not even when I first brought Wee C home from China. (Of course I'm three years older now.) I have a 15-hour day tomorrow, but after Sunday's mere five hours (for a four-hour open house) I'm planning for some major rest. Cross your fingers for me surviving until then ~