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MaryB, come on down!

sbdec040001 ~ or over, as the case may be (when this wacky March blizzard ends). I've got a prize for you! On Friday, while I wasn't looking, I received my 1000th comment* from this special knitter who's a fixture in blogland's comments**, so it's especially apropos that she made my milestone. She might have discovered me on her own, but I think I found her first on Rachael's once-upon-a-blogmap ~ and emailed to connect, since we're geographically proximate (how's that for a fancy way of saying nearly neighbors?). Soon she showed at my monthly S&B, wowing us with her knits and her quilts. Check the gallery to see them for yourself. And in October she took us to the Virginia Fall Fiber Festival, a worthy warm-up to Maryland's attraction ~ and documented my reunion with the Mary Ann who, no surprise, is a friend of Greta, too. MaryB has commitments with her musical menfolk in May, so you won't be meeting her at the fairgrounds, alas. Glad I found you, girlfriend!

*I've no tally of others from when the blog was hosted at Blogspot.
**Don't you think it's time she join our blogging ranks?