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Hoppy Easter

Bun_1 Caroline loves her new bunny. She did spend some time at church playing with it in an Edward Scissorears fashion, but that's a happy imagination for you. (Or warped?) Click for a view of bun's buns. I almost forgot the tail, and it's wimpier than I'd like, but it's been awhile since I wrapped a pom-pom (that sounds way too racy). Kate Gilbert's great pattern (purchased on line, but Stewart has it at The Yarn Lounge); Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran on US7s; DMC floss for embroidery, and cosmetic cotton to stuff!

Oflags So, it's back to the sewing machine, as the opening of the Virginia Center for Architecture is only five days away. In addition to overseeing the whole of identity, publicity, and five opening events, I'm stitching 60-120* flag-streamers to be mounted on 15 poles around the Center. What can I say? I like sewing, and my volunteering was the only way to make it affordable. That's 15 orange ones in the bag at right. I'm on to the blue ones now, each measuring 6" x 6'. You'd be surprised how long it takes to hem 36 linear feet (the strips I'm starting with). I've asked one colleague to assist ~ and blessed Cathy's been cutting the 40 strips ~ but I haven't yet heard her assent. Good thing the Wee C didn't get too caffed up from chocolate to be getting in a wee nap! 

*That's 60 for certain, one of each color for each of the poles; we've yardage for twice that, but maybe not time ~