As promised
Duke's done

Happy Em Day!

Happy Birthday to the happy and divine Michelle!

But, grrr, to Typepad, for I had written another post on Sunday and set it to publish this morning, with a lovely photo of the sock I knit from the birthday yarn Em gave me when we met in February a year ago. Where is that little missive? Title was One down, four to go . . .  Too swamped here at the workplace to recreate it now, doggone it (if I type dammit, I can hear Wee C saying Don't say Dammit!, as I had a recent slip that, of course, has stuck with her.) I'll try that sock tale again soon.

Meanwhile, I stitched half a Kate Gilbert Bunny for an Easter surprise last night. Mmmm, pinky Cashmerino (now there's a fun alias). And such a fun pattern!