Happy Em Day!
Hoppy Easter

Duke's done

And so's the Wolfpack. Dang. I hate it when all my ACC hopes have to hang on the Heels. But, hey, with a fairy princess in the house, who can really be sad?


Especially a fairy doin' the Rachael! And don't forget the wand we whipped up for today's Purim parade at preschool. Knitting pattern by Zoe Mellor, as mentioned previously; yarn is Jaeger Aqua, as specified (but in a different color choice, with stripes necessitated by the diminishing quantity of blue). Detail shots here.

Oh, and here's that sock I tried to post on Tuesday. The erstwhile vanished title One down, four to go referred to my obligation yet to knit the mate to the Brotherman sock, the mate to this sock, and the pair of Fixation Broadripples for MS&W ~ these last because last year when Greta and Rachael each visited me after their May Maryland meeting, I gave them yarn for those socks so we could all wear them there this year. But first, the latest, in its almost complete foto al fresco, looking for the best light to show off its luscious colors: