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19 October 2004



beautiful yarn for clapotis. its going to be beautiful! i can't wait to knit it too! i have to check out your yarn source. that yarn is amazing.


Your Klaralund is gorgeous!! And that reminds me...I gotta finish Tilt, pronto. Just needs a new button band and collar.

Good call on the Clapotis substitution. I love my LL, but I'm wondering if it wouldn't have been wiser to go with a substitution, seeing as how I'm (gulp) running out of yarn. Gonna rip back and make it shorter, as soon as I get over the trauma of having to rip back.


What a gorgeous color! And *alpaca*??? Be still, my heart.


I was fondling yarn at Lettuce Knit last night (Knit Night), and ran across an alpaca/cashmere blend. Oh. My. Gosh.

I went into some kind of trance, and they had to actually remove the yarn from my hand in order to get my attention back.



Thank you so much for posting about that yarn. I went to check out the website and had to have some laceweight to make a shawl for myself. I might even buy some to make clapotis as well.


Wow. That yarn is beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing your finished product. I checked out their site and there is so much to choose from I don't know if I will be able to make up my mind.


Thanks for the yarn tip! They do some beautiful things! That yarn looks delicious or maybe I am just jonesin for cranberries! I can't wait to see your Clapotis!


Wow - thanks for the yarn info - checked out the silk/merino - gorgeous! I am going to get some for my birthday.


That yarn is gorgeous! It'll be perfect for Clapotis, too. I've been tempted by that pattern but haven't wanted to shell out so much for the Lorna's just now, especially after my Rhinebeck binge. I may need to head on over to this fantastic new yarn source of yours...

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