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23 March 2004



WOW. you must have a green tree FOREST in that heart of yours...look at all those songbirds!
These poems MADE MY DAY. I have savored them three times through now and plan to come back later for another visit to the poetess and her aviary.
WRITE ON, please....


very lovely poem. thank you.


Write on, indeed. These did my heart and soul good darlin', truly. Thank you.


Oh Maggi- those poems are beautiful. Please share more. You certainly paint a lovely picture with your words.
Thank you for sharing. I too will be reading these again and again.


Thanks, Maggi. As a girl who grew up among trees and birds, and who now lives among crowds and concrete, I'm savouring the images and sounds your poem brought. Like a breath of fresh air. Wonderful!


BRAVA. I LOVE this. Thank you, Maggi.


You take my breath away. I found myself deep in memory of childhood, watching my grandmother scatter breadcrumbs for birds in our backyard. Thank you. And yes, PLEASE post more!


AWESOME poems--keep on writin'! xoxo


Just lovely Maggi. I have been back several times to reread!
Thanks for bringing a little beauty into my day!

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